Edge Factor for Education is an online platform that equips educators with extraordinary, real-life stories that spark teachable moments and turnkey learning resources that link to local career opportunities and show how STEAM comes alive in your community.

Our storytelling approach

Edge Factor’s cinematic films have been seen by millions of viewers and people stop to tell us all the time, “Oh yeah, Edge Factor. Love your stories.” To which we respond, “That’s great… But the stories are just the beginning!” Our stories captivate audiences, open the door for more in-depth teaching moments, and become the foundation for all of our accompanying videos and activities that showcase careers and make STEAM relevant.

I am the target text.

Help students explore career pathways.

You’re busy! We get it. The Career Pathway resources empower you to send students home with videos and activities to explore careers and find their passion. Each video profiles a “day in the life of” a career and shows how that career uses STEAM. Students and parents can discover careers in their very own community by browsing pictures and descriptions of careers from local businesses, called TouchPoints.

Set your students up for a successful career.

We say “Soft Skills” tongue in cheek, but there is nothing “soft” about essential employability skills! You’ll find videos and accompanying activities to teach students about employability skills that will set them up for success. We cover topics like Entitlement, Dropping the Ball, Embracing Failure, and Hard Work… All with a comedic, storytelling approach.

Show how science comes alive around us.

Chemistry, Biology, Physics... Educators use Edge Factor’s Science videos and lesson plans as the opening acts to their units and chapters, to show how science comes alive in real life. It engages your students by making science topics relevant and demonstrating how science is used in your very own community, with TouchPoints from local businesses.

Introduce and teach students about technology.

In today’s fast paced world, technology is advancing every day. Educators use these videos and activities to introduce their students to techniques, processes, and technology that’s used to design, make, and innovate products. If you have a 3D printer, CNC machine, or welding in your classroom, great! Use these videos at the start of your class. But if you don’t, these tools provide an awesome way to teach students about advanced technology and how it’s used.

Show how engineering and art build the world.

When a product is well-engineered, we say, “That’s a work of art!” These story-driven videos and activities empower Engineering and Art educators to show how innovation comes alive in the real world through engineering technology, processes, and creative design.

Make math topics both fun and relevant.

How many times have you heard students ask, “When will I ever use this in real life?” With these Math resources, you can play videos and use accompanying lesson plans to show students how math topics like Perimeter, Linear Equations, Budgeting and much more are used in the real world! Students, parents and teachers can also enable TouchPoint to discover how local companies and careers use math every day.

Engage your students and reach their parents.

Send students home with videos and activities to complete individually or with their parents. When your students log into Edge Factor they receive notifications to complete new assignments. At an event? Send out a code to share content with your audience! You can view all of the results from completed activities in your Dashboard.

Build exciting projects and spark creativity.

Bring Edge Factor stories to life by creating tangible 3D printing and CNC machining projects in your classroom! For instance, your students can 3D print a prosthetic leg as seen in the Metal & Flesh film, or an astronaut from the film Reach Beyond that we produced with NASA HUNCH. It’s a great way to spark conversations between students and parents too, as students take their projects home.

Change perceptions and captivate audiences.

Edge Factor has partnered with 2000+ organizations to host events and camps that change perceptions, captivate audiences, and build bridges between education and industry. These turnkey kits equip you with everything you need to promote your upcoming event, host an engaging stage presentation, interact with attendees, build projects, reach parents, and receive metrics on the impact of your event.

Accessibility matters…

We believe that relevant learning is for everyone. We deliver an experience with closed captioning, available on all devices, that accommodates low vision accessibility.

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Privacy is important

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