Edge Factor for Business is an online platform that bridges the gap between industry and education and equips you to connect with students and parents, recruit new hires, and strengthen your teams using story-driven media and tools.

Our storytelling approach

The power of storytelling provides the foundation for Edge Factor’s Business platform to bridge the gap between industry and education. Right in your community, educators can use the story-driven tools in the Education platform to showcase careers, teach technology, make STEM learning relevant, build projects, and much more.

I am the target text.

Bridge the gap between industry and education.

Showcase your brand, careers, and technology in local schools and homes! Educators can enable TouchPoints to view pictures and descriptions uploaded by your team that showcase various careers and STEAM topics that come alive in your company. As you browse all of the STEAM and career content as it appears on the Education platform, you can easily identify which topics relate to your company, and with just a few clicks, add as many TouchPoints as you like.

Onboard new hires and strengthen your team.

We say “Soft Skills” tongue in cheek, because as a business leader, you know there is nothing “soft” about essential employability skills! Our Success Factor video series and accompanying activities equip you to onboard new hires and strengthen your existing teams with employability skills. It cover topics like Entitlement, Dropping the Ball, Embracing Failure, and Hard Work… All with a comedic, storytelling approach.

Host turnkey events and change perceptions.

Over the last few years, Edge Factor has partnered with 2000+ organizations to host events. Our turnkey event kits equip you with everything you need to promote your upcoming event, host an engaging stage presentation, interact with attendees, build projects, reach parents, and receive metrics on the impact of your event.

Teach students about career pathways.

Career pathway videos provide outreach tools for you to change perceptions and show students and parents what type of careers exist within your company. As you add TouchPoints, you can reach into classrooms and homes to share information on specific careers within your company.

Product knowledge for sales and support teams.

Edge Factor partners with leading brands and industry experts to create short videos and activities that introduce technology, engineering and design basics, processes and machines. This ever growing library strengthens and equips your team to present, sell and speak intelligently about technology.

Accessibility matters…

We believe that relevant learning is for everyone. We deliver an experience with closed captioning, available on all devices, that accommodates low vision accessibility.

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