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Discover a Career You'll Love

Determined to make a meaningful difference in the world but not sure where to start? Your road to success starts here.

Cinematic Stories

Get inspired by real life stories of people who have launched rewarding careers.

Metal & Flesh Short Film
Masters of Resonance Film
Growth Rings
Happy Accident
Gnarly Metal

Industry Overview videos

Explore diverse, modern industries to discover what interests you.

Transportation Overview
Education Overview
Media and Video Technology Overview
Public Safety & Law Enforcement Overview
Hospitality and Tourism Overview
Human Services Overview
Finance Overview
Government and Public Administration Overview
Business and Administration Overview
Engineering Overview
Architecture and Construction Overview
Agriculture and Natural Resources Overview
IT Overview
Health Science and Technology Overview
Manufacturing Overview
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Have an idea of what you want to do? Explore that industry and the career pathways you could pursue.
Not sure what you want to do for a job? Pick a topic that interests you and explore related stories and careers.
Watch a story and learn about the people and careers featured in it!

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Enjoy an authentic VIP tour and discover what it's like to work at these companies!

Mechanical Engineering
Reptile Conservation
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Defining Success
There many pathways that lead to success! Which path will you take?
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CTE Pathways

Discover technical education programs that equip students with real skills for the real world.

CTE Carpentry
CTE Drafting
CTE Professional Sales
CTE Education Professionals
CTE Power, Structural, & Technical Systems
CTE Plant Systems
CTE Animal Systems
CTE Aviation
CTE Automotive Technology
CTE Criminal Justice
CTE Innovations Lab
CTE Digital Design
CTE CISCO Networking
CTE Cosmetology
CTE Culinary Arts
CTE Nurse Assistant
CTE Early Childhood Education
CTE Fashion Design
CTE Mechatronics
CTE Fire Science
CTE Computer Programming
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Rewards of Lifelong Learning
Disclaimer: Life doesn't always go as planned!
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