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Engage and Prepare Students

Explore how you can engage students and prepare them to make an informed career decision.

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Teach Soft Skills
Help students be work-ready.
Introduce topics and spark interest.
SME Prime: Pathways
The Manufacturing Association

Overview of Edge Factor's Media & Tools

Discover the thousands of videos, lesson plans, and activities we've created for students to go on a Career Journey.

Award-winning films and TV series inspire students and job-seekers to launch training and career pathways.
Provide students with tools to explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs!
Help students prepare to enter the workforce with technical skills and transferable soft skills.
Learn how to create your School and Program Profiles and encourage companies to add free Company Profiles.

Take our Kids to Work Day

Explore the library of Free Virtual Workplace Experiences for Educators to share!

Go behind Closed Doors
Learn more about the careers, skills, tools & equipment in diverse industries sectors.
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What's New?

Financial Literacy
Straight from the Horse's mouth, host and author Andrew Devisser gives Gr.9-12 students practical insights into Financial Literacy. Includes activities and lesson plans!
Learn from others' mistakes! Allow Gr. 7-8 students to hear more about employees that hit some major potholes and how it affected their co-workers and career success.
Open the door for Gr. 5-6 students to watch real life people describing their amazing careers in the skilled trades. Learn about what they do and how they use STEAM.
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Apprenticeships Toolkit
Discover the power of apprenticeship programs and explore career pathways!
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Keynote Presentations

Inspire your audience with a Keynote Presentations that showcase career opportunities and teach life skills.

Indigenous Tradespeople Keynote
Muster Your Curiosity
Future Skills
Tool Up. Step Up.
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ALL New Virtual Workplace Experiences

Library Operation
Credit Union Services
Aerial Firefighting Helicopter
Police Services
Digital Design and Graphic Art Printing
Hospitality Operation and Management
Early Childhood Education Approaches
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Explore Industries and Careers
Introduce students to opportunities in diverse industries.
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Popular Career Profiles

Watch and share the most popular career profiles on the Edge Factor platform.

Library Director
Associate Archeologist
Certified Health Coach
2nd Shift Supervisor
Mechatronics Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
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