New Edge Factor film for MFG DAY: American Ingenuity


Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016. Cleveland, OH – The echoes of the spirit of innovation ring all around us. Since the dawn of time, human beings were set apart from all other creatures by our ability to create, to form, to manipulate the natural resources around us in the quest to survive and innovate.

With a single button, human beings can achieve things that were unfathomable only a few decades ago, and with technology and career opportunities rapidly expanding, the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” is becoming almost impossible to answer. The opportunities available for young people to launch incredible careers in manufacturing is now.

In October 2016, Manufacturing Day events across North America will help raise awareness of these careers and awaken the next generation of makers with Edge Factor’s latest film, American Ingenuity. Business leaders, schools and organizations will take their MFG DAY audiences on a journey through time… from the dawn of mankind building hunting tools, through the Industrial Revolution and into the extraordinary world of today’s makers using advancing technology to push back the edge of what’s possible.

The film American Ingenuity provides a glimpse into the past to uncover the future of the manufacturing industry. It celebrates innovation and sparks a desire to create, to take an idea from your head, connect it with your hands and make something that will help shape the future. From coffee houses to auditoriums, classrooms to theaters, American Ingenuity will stir audiences, leaving them with the haunting questions: “What will you do? What action will you take? And how will you help shape the future?”

As the Strategic Content Partner for Manufacturing Day, Edge Factor has produced a turnkey package of event resources for event hosts called the Rock MFG DAY Kit. With this free online kit, MFG DAY hosts can market their event, captivate their audiences, reach parents and measure the impact of their event. Featuring promotional materials, main event presentation tools, interactive resources, hands-on projects and post event tools, the Rock MFG DAY Kit equips leaders to impact their community.

The co-producers of Manufacturing Day and Edge Factor invite you take this film and use it as a tool to host a MFG DAY event that engages your local students, parents and leaders, helps you recruit your next workforce and spark a passion for manufacturing in your region.

For more information on hosting a MFG DAY event, go to and to register for the Rock MFG DAY Kit, visit

Extraordinary things are happening Behind Closed Doors

Extraordinary things are happening behind closed doors in manufacturing facilities across North America. X Games world champions are CNC machining prosthetics for challenged athletes and veterans. Inventors are meeting with Environmentalists to explore unique methods of sustainably harvesting wood to make guitars. Composites Managers are reimagining the lightweight materials they use to build race cars. Chemists are tweaking components in glue to find new ways of manufacturing drum kits.

The Behind Closed Doors film by Edge Factor weaves inspirational stories of women and men using advanced manufacturing technology to push back the edge of what’s possible. As innovative teams of people merge imagination with science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), lives are changed! Based on this film, Edge Factor has created an online, turnkey package of event resources for schools, companies, and organizations to host Manufacturing Day events. The Rock MFG Day Kit contains cinematic media, interactive resources, and hands-on projects to promote and host an event that will change perceptions of manufacturing, inspire students, spark conversations, reach parents and provide feedback on the success of the event.

“I used the Rock MFG DAY Kit at two different events and showed the Behind Closed Doors movie. It was a HUGE hit as people could really see what we are doing,” said Capital High School’s Welding and Machining Instructor, Jim Weber. “The movie was the best thing of all because it really showed such a diverse look at manufacturing.” This Manufacturing Day, use the Behind Closed Doors film and the Rock MFG DAY Kit resources to reveal modern technology and careers, engage and inspire your audience and demonstrate how manufacturing impacts our world.

To register for the FREE Rock MFG Day Kit, visit For a limited time, you can also watch the Behind Closed Doors film on the Edge Factor Theater:


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Manufacturing Day in October is just around the corner…

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If you’re a company struggling to find new employees, a school looking to recruit students, an economic development association or government agency, you can host a MFG DAY event and showcase the incredible careers and technology in advanced manufacturing!

Last year, 734 organizations hosted MFG DAY events using a FREE, turnkey, online event collection of resources, called the Rock MFG DAY Kit. This year, Edge Factor made it easier than ever to use the Kit and will soon release a new film, called the “Evolution of Manufacturing”.

The Rock MFG DAY Kit contains everything you need to…


Use the “What will you Discover?” teaser, looping videos
and countdown clock videos to get your audience excited
to attend your event!


Captivate your audience with cinematic films that bring
technology and manufacturing careers to life, a customizable
slideshow presentation and Interactive Perception activity.


Host engaging discussions on career opportunities in
manufacturing and use the hands-on 3D printing and
CNC machining projects to show technology in action.


With the Post Event Survey and Parent Resources, you
can send students and attendees home with tools to
receive feedback from your event and inspire parents.

MFG DAY Producers Announce Edge Factor as Strategic Content Partner

The co-producers of Manufacturing Day are building off the many successes of MFG Day 2015 by growing their partnership with Edge Factor as the Strategic Content Partner for MFG Day 2016. Manufacturing Day is an annual national event, executed at the local level that supports thousands of manufacturers across the nation as they host community members at open houses to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers. Edge Factor’s role is to equip MFG DAY event hosts with high impact resources that will inspire audiences and enhance MFG Day events.

“Perhaps some may find it daunting to think about opening their doors on Manufacturing Day due to deadlines and day-to-day workloads, but these things do not have to be a barrier,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/Host of Edge Factor. “Our goal with this partnership is to make hosting an event as easy and dynamic as possible, as we encourage more businesses and schools to open their doors.”

The co-producers of MFG Day, including FMA, Manufacturing Institute, National Association of Manufacturers and NIST-MEP invited Edge Factor to collaborate for the second year in a row, and build unique content that would help event coordinators host engaging MFG Day events. Edge Factor is producing an online, turnkey event package called the Rock MFG Day Kit that is available free to registered event hosts. The Kit features diverse resources that help MFG Day hosts promote their event, inspire their audience, connect with our next workforce, follow up after the event and reach out to parents. In 2015, close to 750 companies, schools and organizations used the free Rock MFG Day Kit to captivate attendees and showcase careers and technology in manufacturing. Edge Factor hopes to empower even more events this year!

“For those of us in the industry, every day is Manufacturing Day,” said Ed Youdell, president and CEO of FMA. “But each year this event asks companies and schools to make a conscious decision to take one day and host events that demonstrate to students, educators, parents and other community members the amazing opportunities that are available in their own city in advanced manufacturing. The MFG DAY strategic content partnership with Edge Factor is helping to provide resources that make that task easier for the participating companies and schools.”

Edge Factor’s tagline “It all starts with a good story” rings true for the Kit, as the films Behind Closed Doors and upcoming Evolution of Manufacturing serve as the backbone for many of the accompanying resources. The Kit features media and tools such as looping videos, countdown clocks, films, customizable slideshow presentations, Q&A activities, 3D printing and CNC machining projects and take-home parent resources in English, Spanish and French.

“I started the Behind Closed Doors video and the whole place went dead silent. We had 300+ students touched, captivated and motivated by the film,” said Nick Chatterson, Technology Instructor, Danville Area Community College in Illinois. “It completely enhanced our 2015 MFG Day!”


FMA and Edge Factor: Partnership Continues to Inspire Makers

March 16, 2016 – Cleveland, OH – The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA), is partnering with Edge Factor, creators of eduFACTOR, to empower 12 college campuses nationwide with story-driven media and resources to inspire students, boost enrollment for technical education programs, make classroom learning relevant and captivate audiences.

Edge Factor produces films and TV series that tell stories of innovative teams who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible, as their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing.

“Manufacturing is filled with compelling stories, and Edge Factor tells these kinds of stories in a manner that has you on the edge of your seat,” said Ed Youdell, FMA’s President and CEO.

Based on these stories, Edge Factor creates interactive resources to raise awareness and teach students about the amazing pathways in technical education and advanced manufacturing. For the next 12 months, FMA is providing educators from 12 schools in 6 different states, with memberships to access these resources, called eduFACTOR (

With 2,300+ members, FMA connects leaders and companies to help improve metal forming and fabricating industries involved in processes such as bending, cutting, drawing, fastening, finishing, stamping, welding and much more. “These industry leaders are facing a major challenge. As their workforce retires, the need to pass on the torch and bring in new, young employees to become tomorrow’s leaders is becoming more and more critical.

By empowering schools with eduFACTOR resources that spark interest for students to pursue these careers, FMA is helping to secure their members’ future,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/ Host of Edge Factor.

“One of our goals at FMA is continually find new ways to develop our workforce. By equipping our educators with cutting edge resources that inspire students to pursue amazing careers, we are serving our industry and communities,” said Ann Schneider, FMA’s Education & Member Services Specialist.

With FMA’s second year supporting schools with eduFACTOR and their ongoing partnership for MFG Day and MFG Month, these efforts are impacting the manufacturing community in an ongoing basis. “A total of over 450 students, parents and manufacturing industry professionals attended the two MFG Day events at College of the Canyons. Edge Factor videos have a great vibe and message to attract youth to careers in manufacturing,” said Joe Klocko, Dean of the Economic Development Division from College of the Canyons. The partnership with Edge Factor and FMA is not a new one, but a growing and evolving relationship as both organizations focus on raising up the next generation of makers.


Rock MFG Day Kit: Quote from Danville Community College

We started the day with our first session in front of students in a theater on the Danville Area community college campus. After one of our local Senators and I were met with skeptical looks and general disengagement from the students… I started the “Behind Closed Doors” video and the whole place went dead silent. Looking back, we had a total of 300+ students who were touched, captivated and motivated by the film and it completely enhanced our Manufacturing and Technology Day Event!

Nick Chatterton
Danville Area Community College
Danville, Illinois