Manufacturing Day in October is just around the corner…

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If you’re a company struggling to find new employees, a school looking to recruit students, an economic development association or government agency, you can host a MFG DAY event and showcase the incredible careers and technology in advanced manufacturing!

Last year, 734 organizations hosted MFG DAY events using a FREE, turnkey, online event collection of resources, called the Rock MFG DAY Kit. This year, Edge Factor made it easier than ever to use the Kit and will soon release a new film, called the “Evolution of Manufacturing”.

The Rock MFG DAY Kit contains everything you need to…


Use the “What will you Discover?” teaser, looping videos
and countdown clock videos to get your audience excited
to attend your event!


Captivate your audience with cinematic films that bring
technology and manufacturing careers to life, a customizable
slideshow presentation and Interactive Perception activity.


Host engaging discussions on career opportunities in
manufacturing and use the hands-on 3D printing and
CNC machining projects to show technology in action.


With the Post Event Survey and Parent Resources, you
can send students and attendees home with tools to
receive feedback from your event and inspire parents.

Watch the Making of Indy500 Cars: “Built for Speed” Film by Edge Factor

Watch the latest film on the online Edge Factor Theater for free!

The fact that a driver could walk away from a crash at over 200 miles per hour is not an accident, but an act of excellent engineering.

For the team at Dallara IndyCar Factory, their quest for excellence makes the difference between devastating loss and ultimate victory for renowned Indy race car drivers. In Built for Speed, Edge Factor tells the story of how the team of designers, fabricators and manufacturers, engineers and race car drivers work together to design, build and test Indy race cars. With champion race car driver Matthew Brabham, Jeremy Bout uncovers the only professional, high-performance driving simulator on the market.

Watch and share the Built for Speed film today at

33 Lives at Stake

Edge Factor presents The Chilean Mine Rescue Film 

This month’s feature film available to watch for free online on the Edge Factor Theater is the Chilean Mine Rescue, a heart wrenching story of the team of manufacturers in Pennsylvania who pushed back the limits of what’s possible to save the lives of 33 Chilean miners.

“With 33 miners trapped 2200 feet below the earth’s surface, the manufacturing team at Center Rock Inc. worked tirelessly to lead an epic rescue mission,” said Jeremy Bout, Host/Producer of Edge Factor. “It’s an amazing example of a team who banded together and used their design and manufacturing skills to change people’s lives… not only the lives of the miners, but also the lives of their families and friends.”

Manufacturers are no strangers to problem solving, but with 33 lives at stake and the whole world watching, the responsibility placed on the CRI team was monstrous. CAD/ CAM designers, engineers and machinists worked around the clock to build a rock drill and solve this incredible manufacturing challenge.

“Human life is a completely different set of parameters… that’s why we were out there working 2 and 3 days without any sleep at all,” said Brandon Fisher, Founder of Center Rock Inc.

In the Chilean Mine Rescue film, Edge Factor reveals the makers who stopped at nothing to create the rock drill that saved 33 lives. For a limited time only, you can watch the Chilean Mine Rescue online for free:

Empowering Teachers to Inspire Students: Grant Funds Available Now

NIMS, the Gene Haas Foundation and Edge Factor are partnering on the INSPIRE Grant Program to help empower teachers with resources that inspire students.

With a shared passion for STEM, CTE and inspiring the next generation of advanced manufacturers, these partners are providing grant funds for schools and training centers to access eduFACTOR: an online library of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources.

eduFACTOR is a membership-based library of media and interactive resources used to inspire the next generation of CTE graduates and advanced manufacturers. The online content library features Edge Factor’s cinematic films and TV series, technology and career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, tools to reach parents, CTE training success videos and much more, available on

Recognizing the need to recruit the next workforce, the Gene Haas Foundation is contributing generously to the Grant to provide up to 500 schools with funding for eduFACTOR memberships. “eduFACTOR is a critical resource to help educators and students understand and embrace the skills they need to be successful in advanced manufacturing jobs,” said GHF’s Kathy Looman. 

With the INSPIRE Grant, thousands of students will have the opportunity to watch teams of people working together and using technology to impact lives and build the world. “With eduFACTOR, imaginations are sparked and careers are launched. We are proud to stand beside exceptional, forward thinking leaders in manufacturing education like the Gene Haas Foundation and NIMS,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer and Host of Edge Factor.  

To learn more about the INSPIRE Grant or apply, visit

Now you can watch Edge Factor films for FREE!

We are super excited to announce the launch of the Edge Factor Theater! You can now go to and watch a special feature Edge Factor film for free.

Edge Factor’s network of schools and businesses watch our film productions and use our interactive resources in classrooms and at events, through memberships on eduFACTOR. But the Edge Factor Live Theater provides an opportunity for parents, students and the general public at home, to discover stories of teams of manufacturers using technology to change lives and impact the world. Each film in the Theater is live for a limited time and available to watch for free when viewers enter their name and email address.

If you’re looking to recruit and inspire the next generation of makers, share the link to the Edge Factor Theater on Facebook and Twitter today!


eduFACTOR Releases New Technology Video Series

You asked, we answered! eduFACTOR just released a new video series called “Geek Out” that teaches students about the cutting edge technology used in today’s manufacturing industries. Topics include machining, robotics, welding and much more! STEM, CTE, machining, welding educators and more are playing these 3-5min episodes at the beginning of their classes to introduce technology concepts to students and provide real-life examples of technology in action.

Rock MFG Day Kit: Quote from Danville Community College

We started the day with our first session in front of students in a theater on the Danville Area community college campus. After one of our local Senators and I were met with skeptical looks and general disengagement from the students… I started the “Behind Closed Doors” video and the whole place went dead silent. Looking back, we had a total of 300+ students who were touched, captivated and motivated by the film and it completely enhanced our Manufacturing and Technology Day Event!

Nick Chatterton
Danville Area Community College
Danville, Illinois

What will you Discover?

The teaser for the 2015 Rock MFG Day Kit has just been released! You can use this video to inspire your network to host MFG Day events and encourage students and parents to attend local MFG Days!