Donuts are taking Lincoln County by Storm

Lincolnton, North Carolina. January 18, 2017 – Last February, Edge Factor partnered with the Lincoln Economic Development Association on a mission to impact the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina, inspire the next generation at a live student event, and reach parents and families at an evening community event. Ten participating Lincoln County Schools bussed in 1800+ students to attend an Edge Factor Live event that exposed students to the power of CTE (Career and Technical Education) and careers in advanced manufacturing. But LEDA’s question, “How do we get parents to attend an evening event?” led to a creative initiative that took Lincolnton by storm.

To raise awareness of the community event and encourage people to register to attend, Edge Factor and LEDA hosted an online “Fight 4 Donuts” competition between nine middle and high schools from Lincoln County.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, parents, and students flooded the donut competition website to vote for their local school to win donuts for every student! Voters could only vote once, were required to fill in their contact information, and complete a short, online, interactive quiz with questions on local manufacturing facts and opportunities. On the same “Fight 4 Donuts” web page, people learned about the community event and were able to register for free tickets. The final tally was approx. 4000 submitted quizzes and votes to win donuts, 1800+ students at the student event, and 230+ parents at the evening community event. Click here to watch the video!

“Immediately following the events and the winning school receiving donuts, we heard students from the losing schools saying things like, ‘We are totally going to win the donuts next year… I’m going to share it with everyone I know.’ So that was that. They expected the “Fight 4 Donuts” to be an annual competition, and they were ready to roll up their sleeves to win in 2017,” said Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager at LEDA. “Right then we knew we needed to book Edge Factor to host encore events and the second annual donut competition.”

Today, the 2017 “Fight 4 Donuts” competition has officially started! Leading up to the encore student and community events on February 1, voters have 2 weeks to fill out a new quiz and vote for their local school to win donuts. West Lincoln High School won last year – but who will take the top spot in 2017? Check out the website here to vote and learn more about the event:

With cinematic Edge Factor media and a motivational message by Jeremy Bout, Founder of Edge Factor, The Spark Event will inspire families to view manufacturing and CTE in a new light and help empower students to pursue amazing career pathways. Since the first event, students have been able to learn about these careers in their classrooms and homes because of LEDA’s determination to keep the momentum alive in their community. LEDA sponsored 10 schools with memberships to Edge Factor’s Netflix-style educational platform of media and interactive activities that bring STEAM, CTE and advanced manufacturing to life in classrooms. Advancing our regional approach with LEDA, Edge Factor filmed STEAM Tours, career profile videos, and technology “what is” videos with two companies in Lincoln county. “This holistic approach to impacting a community has sparked a movement in Lincoln County, as students begin to picture how they can push back the edge of what’s possible through advanced manufacturing and emerging technology,” said Larissa Hofman, Director of Communications at Edge Factor.

To find out more please contact:

Larissa Hofman
(716) 805-EDGE (3343) ext 406


A Look at 2017: A New Year with New Opportunities

Cleveland, OH. December 19, 2016 – With hundreds of videos, a new reality show and 4 new films coming to eduFACTOR in 2017, Edge Factor is excited about the many partnerships forming in so many communities. From day one, the Edge Factor team has been on a mission: Edge Factor is laser focused on giving teachers unique and powerful tools to inspire students and parents. Creating cinematic stories that make for great teaching moments, we are pushing the envelope with media designed to equip schools to market their programs effectively.

We have built a team that lives and breathes this mission, and when Toni Neary joined our team, it was because she shared that same passion. In her time with Edge Factor we accomplished much and together we deepened relationships within the manufacturing community. Starting in 2017, Toni Neary is stepping into a new position at The Morris Group as the Director of Education. She will be leading educational initiatives for the Haas Tower throughout the Morris Group region, working directly with educators, business leaders, state and federal initiatives to help enhance manufacturing programs to meet current and future workforce needs. This newly created role will involve understanding the various challenges in regions and states and meeting those needs with teacher training, grant and equipment needs.

“Toni has been a wonderful part of the Edge Factor team,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/Host of Edge Factor. “She brought so much to the table, but we couldn’t ask for a better role for her to take on. We will continue to work very closely together to move the needle forward by strengthening educational manufacturing programs and inspiring the next generation of makers. While she will be missed, we know that this is the right move.”

“As l continue to be a champion for manufacturing pathways, I will continue work closely with Edge Factor, Haas Automation and the Gene Haas Foundation to help educators obtain the equipment, training and funding necessary to properly educate the next generation of engineers, machinists, operators and technicians,” said Toni Neary. “With the power of the Haas brand in the market and the amazing opportunities provided by the Gene Haas Foundation, I am excited to pull all of our connections and partners together to really impact our regions. I look forward to a very close partnership with Edge Factor as I build and strengthen manufacturing programs in schools across the Morris Group territory.”

At Edge Factor we often say “we run with runners”. Our partnerships are collaborative, supportive, rewarding, adaptable and catalysts for growth,” said Larissa Hofman, Edge Factor’s Director of Communications. “The team at Edge Factor believes that with a runner like Toni Neary at Morris Group, we will continue to do extraordinary things together.”

To explore how your team can work with Edge Factor to impact your community, please email

Elevate Iowa equips Teachers with Story-driven Resources

If you’ve ever sat in a science, technology, engineering, art or math class (STEAM) and heard, or perhaps asked the question yourself, “When will I ever use this in real life?”, you can understand the struggles teachers face. Stationed in Manchester, Iowa, a group of teachers and leaders at West Delaware High School are on a mission to shake things up in their classrooms by making STEAM and careers relevant for their students.

This week, these teachers are implementing Edge Factor’s platform of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources called eduFACTOR. Elevate Iowa, a statewide, integrated marketing campaign to promote careers and educational pathways in advanced manufacturing has sponsored West Delaware High School with a one year membership to eduFACTOR.

“West Delaware does a great job preparing their students in career readiness; therefore, we wanted to supply them with extra tools to use within their classrooms to help educate the students on Advanced Manufacturing careers and to change the perception of the industry in the high school classroom,” said Alexandra Monaghan, Elevate Iowa Coordinator.

By telling cinematic stories of real life manufacturers who are using technology to change lives and creating interactive resources based off those stories, Edge Factor equips educators and business leaders with tools to inspire and reach students and parents. The story-driven media and interactive resources included in West Delaware High School’s eduFACTOR membership will cultivate an engaged student community that complements their existing Project Lead the Way and STEAM programs while showing advanced manufacturing and careers in action.

“Manufacturing firms supply more than 208,858 jobs to Iowans,” said Mike Ralston, President of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. Focused on strengthening manufacturing technology programs, making STEAM learning applicable to real life, and showcasing career opportunities, Edge Factor is helping to raise up the next generation of makers across North America.

“With the incredible opportunities in manufacturing available in Iowa, we are excited to link arms with West Delaware High School to ignite students’ passion for learning and technology,” said Toni Neary, Partnership Architect at Edge Factor.

As the teachers at West Delaware HS provide students with a culturally rich environment to help them reach their full potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially, eduFACTOR resources will help show students how the subjects they are learning will be used in real-life situations. With an eduFACTOR membership, West Delaware High School has access to Edge Factor’s feature films, TV series, career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos, turnkey event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEAM activities, take-home parent resources, and much more.

“eduFACTOR resources are very impressive to share with students. From videos to interactive activities, eduFACTOR is providing career guidance for decision making that is invaluable,” said Tim Felderman, West Delaware High School Principal.

To find out more about West Delaware High School, visit and to discover how eduFACTOR resources can impact your community, visit

About Elevate Iowa

Elevate Iowa ( is a statewide, integrated marketing campaign to promote careers and educational pathways in advanced manufacturing. The initiative is directed by a coalition of all 15 Iowa Community College’s, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, the private manufacturing sector and the State of Iowa. Elevate Iowa offers resources to the public and educational institutions to educate the unemployed/underemployed Iowans, U.S. veterans, along with K-12 students and their families about the opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing.

New Manufacturing Institute Partnership with Edge Factor

To view the original press release on the Manufacturing Institute’s website, please click here. Special thanks to the author Cristina Crawford and Director of Communications for the Manufacturing Institute AJ Jorgenson.

Contact: Cristina Crawford
The Manufacturing Institute
(202) 637-3404

New Institute Partnership Aims to Give Students A Look At Modern Manufacturing
The Manufacturing Institute and eduFACTOR partner to engage teachers and students with cutting edge technology.

WASHINGTON, DC, May 20, 2016: The Manufacturing Institute, the non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, is pleased to announce a new Dream It. Do It. collaboration with Edge Factor’s eduFACTOR. Dream It. Do It. is a national network that works to change the perception of the industry and engage next-generation workers to pursue manufacturing careers. eduFACTOR is a membership-based library of media and interactive resources used by educators to inspire youth.

With this new collaboration of two powerful networks, teachers will have the opportunity to access technology and career pathways videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, CTE training success videos, and other tools to help reach parents and students across the country.

eduFACTOR gives students an inside look at what modern manufacturing is, through media-rich teaching and marketing resources based on inspiring, high-impact productions. eduFACTOR is a membership-based library of media and interactive resources used to inspire the next generation of makers.

“This partnership builds off the tremendous success of The Manufacturing Institute’s Dream It. Do It. Program, which has educated and inspired young people across the country to pursue manufacturing careers. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is committed to telling the story of modern manufacturing and the tremendous opportunities it offers,” said Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the NAM, and chair of The Manufacturing Institute. “The Institute’s collaboration with eduFACTOR will mean more students are exposed to the cutting edge technology that powers manufacturing, while helping them develop the skills and talents needed for promising careers today and in the future. This is a promising investment in the next generation.”

Established in 2005, Dream It. Do It. acts as the grassroots authority on influencing the perception of manufacturing careers by leveraging local, regional and statewide strategic partnerships to attract and recruit the next generation manufacturing workforce. Dream It. Do It. consists of a network of industry leaders that develop pro-manufacturing activities customized to their community’s needs.

“We are so excited to launch this collaboration, we know that working with the Dream It. Do It. network we can equip communities to inspire the next generation of makers.  With tools to increase awareness, change perception and make STEM learning relevant Edge Factor knows the power of working with organizations like DIDI can truly impact our next workforce.”  Toni Neary, partnership architect at Edge Factor.

Organizations interested in learning more about this effort may visit

About The Manufacturing Institute
The Manufacturing Institute (the Institute) is the 501(c)(3) affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers. As a non-partisan organization, the Institute is committed to delivering leading-edge information and services to the nation’s manufacturers. The Institute is the authority on the attraction, qualification and development of world-class manufacturing talent. For more information, please visit

NCATC announces Edge Factor as new Strategic Partner

National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers announces Edge Factor as new Strategic Partner

May 24, 2016 – CLEVELAND, OH – The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers and educational media company Edge Factor are excited to announce a new strategic partnership to inspire the next generation of makers, make STEM relevant, reach parents and raise awareness of the incredible career opportunities in manufacturing. With over 170 colleges, universities, schools and corporations listed as Advanced Technology Centers (ATC), the NCATC focuses on promoting the use of technology to enhance economic and workforce development programs. Offering a wide range of training and certifications, such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, IT, nanotechnology and additive manufacturing, NCATC is looking to Edge Factor’s resources to help equip their ATC network with cinematic media and interactive activities to inspire the next generation of makers.

As a NCATC Strategic Partner, Edge Factor will be presenting at the NCATC Fall Conference in October 2016, with featured speaker Jeremy Bout, Producer/ Host of Edge Factor delivering a high impact keynote with a storytelling approach and cinematic visuals. “Edge Factor’s media productions shine the spotlight on individuals behind the scenes making significant advances in real-world, 21st century advanced manufacturing careers.  Jeremy’s keynote will be an absolute catalyst for our exciting new partnership with Edge Factor, FMA and many other NCATC Strategic Partners at Harper College, in Chicagoland this fall,” said Craig McAtee, NCATC Executive Director.

Edge Factor’s story-driven resources empower educators and business leaders with powerful resources to change perceptions of manufacturing, showcase career and technical education and make STEM learning concepts relevant for students and parents. With 30+ films and TV episodes, career, STEM and technology videos, virtual fieldtrips, hands-on CNC and 3D printing projects, turnkey event resources and much more, Edge Factor’s “tools to inspire” are available online, through memberships on

As the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers and Edge Factor and look to the future, they anticipate Advanced Technology Centers network to tap into eduFACTOR resources to impact communities in the US and Canada. “NCATC has been a trailblazer for Advanced Technology Centers for nearly 30 years. Our missions are so connected as we work together to increase awareness of the amazing career pathways for the next generation of makers,” said Toni Neary, Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect. “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership and look forward to working closely with NCATC and their members to engage and inspire audiences.”


The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is an Affiliated Council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) linking a network of higher education resources that advocates and promotes the  use of technology applications that enhance economic and workforce development programs and services. Beginning with twelve charter members in 1988, NCATC has over 170 member institutions, ranging from colleges, universities and schools to the corporate community, throughout the United States and Canada. To optimize the use of their resources, NCATC member institutions partner with major corporations for the delivery of training and certifications. Through these partnerships, NCATC member colleges offer a wide spectrum of training and certifications.
For more information, visit

About Edge Factor

Cinematic Inspiration.  Engaging Resources.  Relevant learning.
Edge Factor is the groundbreaking leader in providing cinematic, story-driven media and supporting resources to inspire the next generation of makers. Edge Factor is reaching millions of people through films, TV series, educational resources and live events. Our stories give a voice to the innovative people who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible, when their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing.  Our teaching tools and interactive resources raise awareness and guide the next generation to launch amazing careers in the industry that builds our world. So what fuels us on our mission? It’s simple: watching the fire ignite in the eyes of students, parents and teachers as we see manufacturing communities unite and grow.

For more information, visit

MFG DAY Producers Announce Edge Factor as Strategic Content Partner

The co-producers of Manufacturing Day are building off the many successes of MFG Day 2015 by growing their partnership with Edge Factor as the Strategic Content Partner for MFG Day 2016. Manufacturing Day is an annual national event, executed at the local level that supports thousands of manufacturers across the nation as they host community members at open houses to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers. Edge Factor’s role is to equip MFG DAY event hosts with high impact resources that will inspire audiences and enhance MFG Day events.

“Perhaps some may find it daunting to think about opening their doors on Manufacturing Day due to deadlines and day-to-day workloads, but these things do not have to be a barrier,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/Host of Edge Factor. “Our goal with this partnership is to make hosting an event as easy and dynamic as possible, as we encourage more businesses and schools to open their doors.”

The co-producers of MFG Day, including FMA, Manufacturing Institute, National Association of Manufacturers and NIST-MEP invited Edge Factor to collaborate for the second year in a row, and build unique content that would help event coordinators host engaging MFG Day events. Edge Factor is producing an online, turnkey event package called the Rock MFG Day Kit that is available free to registered event hosts. The Kit features diverse resources that help MFG Day hosts promote their event, inspire their audience, connect with our next workforce, follow up after the event and reach out to parents. In 2015, close to 750 companies, schools and organizations used the free Rock MFG Day Kit to captivate attendees and showcase careers and technology in manufacturing. Edge Factor hopes to empower even more events this year!

“For those of us in the industry, every day is Manufacturing Day,” said Ed Youdell, president and CEO of FMA. “But each year this event asks companies and schools to make a conscious decision to take one day and host events that demonstrate to students, educators, parents and other community members the amazing opportunities that are available in their own city in advanced manufacturing. The MFG DAY strategic content partnership with Edge Factor is helping to provide resources that make that task easier for the participating companies and schools.”

Edge Factor’s tagline “It all starts with a good story” rings true for the Kit, as the films Behind Closed Doors and upcoming Evolution of Manufacturing serve as the backbone for many of the accompanying resources. The Kit features media and tools such as looping videos, countdown clocks, films, customizable slideshow presentations, Q&A activities, 3D printing and CNC machining projects and take-home parent resources in English, Spanish and French.

“I started the Behind Closed Doors video and the whole place went dead silent. We had 300+ students touched, captivated and motivated by the film,” said Nick Chatterson, Technology Instructor, Danville Area Community College in Illinois. “It completely enhanced our 2015 MFG Day!”


Empowering Teachers to Inspire Students: Grant Funds Available Now

NIMS, the Gene Haas Foundation and Edge Factor are partnering on the INSPIRE Grant Program to help empower teachers with resources that inspire students.

With a shared passion for STEM, CTE and inspiring the next generation of advanced manufacturers, these partners are providing grant funds for schools and training centers to access eduFACTOR: an online library of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources.

eduFACTOR is a membership-based library of media and interactive resources used to inspire the next generation of CTE graduates and advanced manufacturers. The online content library features Edge Factor’s cinematic films and TV series, technology and career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, tools to reach parents, CTE training success videos and much more, available on

Recognizing the need to recruit the next workforce, the Gene Haas Foundation is contributing generously to the Grant to provide up to 500 schools with funding for eduFACTOR memberships. “eduFACTOR is a critical resource to help educators and students understand and embrace the skills they need to be successful in advanced manufacturing jobs,” said GHF’s Kathy Looman. 

With the INSPIRE Grant, thousands of students will have the opportunity to watch teams of people working together and using technology to impact lives and build the world. “With eduFACTOR, imaginations are sparked and careers are launched. We are proud to stand beside exceptional, forward thinking leaders in manufacturing education like the Gene Haas Foundation and NIMS,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer and Host of Edge Factor.  

To learn more about the INSPIRE Grant or apply, visit

Highlighting Careers and STEM: Edge Factor Films at Haas Automation

The Edge Factor crew filmed at Haas Automation’s headquarters in Oxnard, California to produce a virtual field trip of the 1 million square foot facility and 14 career profile videos to inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers.

The virtual field trip features the people and the technology that empower makers internationally with the machines they need to build the future and create new products. This video will be played in front of thousands of students, as Edge Factor partners with schools and the HTEC network across North America, as part of their mission to equip educators with resources that make STEM learning relevant to students, captivate audiences, highlight CTE, and change perceptions of manufacturing.

For their RapidFire video series, Edge Factor filmed 14 career profile videos of Haas team members working within diverse Career Clusters. Every Career and Technical Education (CTE) program leads to a career pathway that is categorized in 1 of 16 groups called Career Clusters, that are organized by skills and/or products. From Human Resources to Quality Control, the Director of Motorsports Marketing to the Gene Haas Foundation Administrator and many more, these career profile videos will provide students and parents with insights on careers connected to the manufacturing industry. RapidFire episodes also include information on how STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are used in each of these careers.

“Machinists are awesome… But the manufacturing industry offers so many diverse careers that go beyond machining. What does it take to run a massive corporation like Haas Automation? It requires teams of people working in every one of the 16 Career Clusters,” said Larissa Hofman, Dir. of Communications at Edge Factor.

Filming these RapidFire career profile videos at Haas, along with the virtual Field Trip will help open the eyes of students and parents as they imagine new opportunities to launch careers in manufacturing. This content will be available on, through eduFACTOR memberships. For more information, please visit


Manufacturing Goes “Hollywood”

This article was written by Stephanie Neil on March 16, 2016 via Automation World – CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ARTICLE

Manufacturing Goes “Hollywood”
Cinematic storytelling is inspiring interest in STEM fields with the next generation.

 To attract the super creative next generation of manufacturers, you need an edge. These up-and-comers want to be not only educated but also entertained, which is why moviemaker Jeremy Bout and his team are creating story-driven media to capture the attention of these malleable minds and direct them to the amazing world of manufacturing.

Bout, producer and host of Edge Factor, which has filmed from mountain tops, motorbike trails, and music studios, uses compelling storytelling and graphic imagery to capture the attention of the gamer generation. The film Metal & Flesh, for example, follows the path of two amputees—a snowmobiler and soldier—who turn to design software and machine tools to develop a flexible prosthetic that allows them to continue to participate in the extreme sports they love. “Here is an example of how manufacturing redefines what is possible. It’s an exciting world to be part of,” Bout said.

Another exciting part of the Edge Factor portfolio is eduFACTOR, a Netflix-style library of resources developed to teach students STEM concepts that are relevant to their everyday lives.

Now, a partnership with Mastercam, a CAD/CAM software company, is elevating the eduFACTOR effort to new levels. Working together, the companies in 2016 will be focusing on the film Masters of Resonance, which puts the spotlight on guitar and drum manufacturers empowering world-class musicians. In addition, the crew will be producing three new films featuring students working on parts for NASA and the International Space Station, as well as life-changing inventions with MIT, and sustainably powered vehicles. They also worked together on several eduFACTOR resources, such as the “Geek Out” technology video series and hands-on CNC machining and 3D printing projects.

“The need for manufacturing jobs over the next few years will be high, and partnering with Edge Factor allows us to help tell stories and create resources that inspire the next generation of our industry,” said Meghan West, President of CNC Software Inc./Mastercam.