Edge Factor + Randolph Community College Launch Reality Redesigned: A Design Competition with a Reality Show Twist

February 1, 2017. Randolph, NC – Have you ever sat in a classroom and asked the question,”When will I ever use this in real life?!” If you spend time with students, you know that making textbook learning relevant to real-life matters! Edge Factor and Randolph Community College are embarking on an audacious mission to empower students to become makers, challenge parents’ perceptions of manufacturing careers, and inspire the Randolph community to bring ideas to life.

“Industry leaders, teachers, parents… At the heart of many of the challenges they face is the need to be relevant. Everything Edge Factor does directly goes back to helping people be relevant to the next generation,” said Jeremy Bout, Founder of Edge Factor. The storytellers and leading educational developers at Edge Factor are linking arms with Randolph Community College to host a student design competition with a reality show twist called Reality Redesigned. It’s a creative mashup of storytelling meets inventor, “Chopped” meets “Cards against Humanity” meets “Shark Tank”. Reality Redesigned is an unconventional design competition that allows imaginative students to connect with industry and educational mentors and collaboratively design solutions to outrageous scenarios.

“Edge Factor has seen the sparks ignite in students’ eyes when they realize that the STEAM subjects they are learning in school are the gateway to unlocking their futures,” said Joshua Pies, Producer from Edge Factor. “We are partnering with the RCC team to move the needle and do something big… To inspire students, reach parents and provoke a desire to create all across their region. The purpose of this initiative is to serve as a catalyst for students to realize their potential and dream up new solutions.”

On February 1, 2017, the audition phase of Reality Redesigned officially launches online for students to begin unlocking unique problems for their team to solve. Competitors begin by choosing three cards that provide a person, a place, and a challenge. Teams can keep flipping the deck until they get a combination that will inspire a ‘problem story’ for the team to creatively define through their own interpretation.  From there, they will design and present solutions to their problem story by uploading team videos, pictures of drawings, CAD models, planning documents, estimating costs with the Wild-Guestimator, and other innovative ways to share their problem-solving descriptions.

This opportunity has been announced to 15,000+ students in grade 6-12 public and charter schools in Randolph County. Teams can consist of 6 middle or high school students and one mentor that can be a teacher, parent or businessperson.

On the “Day of Reckoning” (3/8/17), student projects lockdown and public voting will begin.  Celebrity Judges will evaluate submissions throughout March and the combination of public votes and judge’s rankings will result in the announcement of the top 3 auditions (3/31/17).  Soon after, the cameras will start rolling! The 3 teams will face-off on a reality TV show filmed at Randolph Community College, where they will be given a real-world challenge, a toolbox of resources and only 84 hours to dream, design, build and get ready to present their ideas. 3D Design, CNC machining, welding, and 3D printing will come alive as ideas flow from their heads to their hands. “Reality Redesigned is a great opportunity for middle and high school students that will directly address the interest gap and skills gap. We are not just going to talk about the gap issue, we are going to do something about it,” said Garrett Parker, Department Head, Computer Integrated Machining at Randolph Community College.

The three teams will present their 84 Hour Challenge creations to the Judges in front of a live audience of their peers. The Judges will go into sequester and the contestants will take a limo to a party with some of the most influential business leaders in the area. Broadcasting live from the ‘Party with the Presidents’, the Judges will make the announcement of the winner of Reality Redesigned: the “Stack your deck” pilot series (4/28/17).

“The Reality Redesigned competition will make learning real for students. It shows students how STEAM is used in real life and how creative problem-solving changes lives,” said Jessica Cutler, Career Development Counsellor, Southwestern Randolph High School. “This design competition is going to give students a unique outlet to let their imaginations run wild – and have the chance to bring those ideas to life! I can’t wait to see what our students come up with.”

The journey begins at www.realityredesigned.com.

For more information, please contact Joshua Pies – jpies@edgefactor.com.

AWT Foundation Inspires Next Generation with eduFACTOR Resources

October 31, 2016. Cleveland, OH – The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation’s mission to promote the development of rewarding careers in manufacturing and impact Ohio’s manufacturing community continues to advance as they partner with Edge Factor to support 51 Ohio schools with eduFACTOR’s inspiring media and interactive resources.

“We recognize the need for educators, counselors, parents and others to understand career pathways in manufacturing, and as a 501(c)3, the AWT Foundation is committed to changing the overall perception of manufacturing in our community,” said Alice Cable, Executive Director of AWT. “Edge Factor’s stories and resources will equip our teachers and guidance counsellors with resources to show students how careers and advanced manufacturing technology changes lives and builds our world.”

With 80+ members, the AWT is focused on training and education, outreach, strategic partnerships, and grants to help guide people towards educational programs and resources to learn about careers. To impact their manufacturing community and inspire the next generation of makers, the AWT is sponsoring 51 schools with access to Edge Factor’s platform of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources called eduFACTOR (edufactor.org).

Edge Factor produces films and TV series that tell stories of innovative teams who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible as their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing. Based on these stories, Edge Factor creates interactive resources to raise awareness and guide students towards amazing pathways in career and technical education and manufacturing, available through eduFACTOR memberships.

“Stories resonate with people. They have the power to make us laugh or cry, create suspense, change hearts and convey ideas. The Edge Factor team has one mission at the heart of all we do: to inspire the next generation of makers,” said Toni Neary, Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect. “That’s why we are linking arms with the forward-thinking team at the AWT Foundation and the 100+ manufacturing companies that are part of the AWT consortium who are all dedicated towards the sustainability of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.”

Rebuilding and strengthening manufacturing education programs across North America, Edge Factor provides educators and business leaders with tools to inspire students, reach parents, break stereotypes, highlight career opportunities, and demonstrate how STEAM* comes alive in manufacturing. With an eduFACTOR membership, schools can access Edge Factor’s feature films, TV series, career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos, turnkey event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, take-home parent resources, and much more.

Providing schools with eduFACTOR memberships, the AWT Foundation is directly impacting their manufacturing community by opening the eyes of students, teachers, guidance counsellors, parents and leaders to discover extraordinary manufacturing careers and inspiring the next generation of makers to pursue manufacturing pathways.

*STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

To learn more about the AWT Foundation, please visit www.thinkmfg.com.


About AWT Foundation

The Alliance for Working Together Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose members and supporters are working together to promote rewarding careers in manufacturing through building awareness of manufacturing careers, promoting enrollment in careers and training programs, working with training centers to ensure curriculum is relevant to today’s employers, and providing career support to those already in the field through programs like scholarships and camaraderie-building activities.   AWT is best known locally for its annual RoboBots competition: the regional tournament of the National Robotics League in which students gain real-life experience in manufacturing facilities by designing, building, machining and programming combat robots.  

About Edge Factor

Cinematic Inspiration.  Engaging Resources.  Relevant learning.

Edge Factor is the groundbreaking leader in providing cinematic, story-driven media and supporting resources to inspire the next generation of makers. Edge Factor is reaching millions of people through films, TV series, educational resources and live events. Our stories give a voice to the innovative people who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible, when their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing.  Our teaching tools and interactive resources raise awareness and guide the next generation to launch amazing careers in the industry that builds our world. So what fuels us on our mission? It’s simple: watching the fire ignite in the eyes of students, parents and teachers as we see manufacturing communities unite and grow.


New Edge Factor film for MFG DAY: American Ingenuity


Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016. Cleveland, OH – The echoes of the spirit of innovation ring all around us. Since the dawn of time, human beings were set apart from all other creatures by our ability to create, to form, to manipulate the natural resources around us in the quest to survive and innovate.

With a single button, human beings can achieve things that were unfathomable only a few decades ago, and with technology and career opportunities rapidly expanding, the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” is becoming almost impossible to answer. The opportunities available for young people to launch incredible careers in manufacturing is now.

In October 2016, Manufacturing Day events across North America will help raise awareness of these careers and awaken the next generation of makers with Edge Factor’s latest film, American Ingenuity. Business leaders, schools and organizations will take their MFG DAY audiences on a journey through time… from the dawn of mankind building hunting tools, through the Industrial Revolution and into the extraordinary world of today’s makers using advancing technology to push back the edge of what’s possible.

The film American Ingenuity provides a glimpse into the past to uncover the future of the manufacturing industry. It celebrates innovation and sparks a desire to create, to take an idea from your head, connect it with your hands and make something that will help shape the future. From coffee houses to auditoriums, classrooms to theaters, American Ingenuity will stir audiences, leaving them with the haunting questions: “What will you do? What action will you take? And how will you help shape the future?”

As the Strategic Content Partner for Manufacturing Day, Edge Factor has produced a turnkey package of event resources for event hosts called the Rock MFG DAY Kit. With this free online kit, MFG DAY hosts can market their event, captivate their audiences, reach parents and measure the impact of their event. Featuring promotional materials, main event presentation tools, interactive resources, hands-on projects and post event tools, the Rock MFG DAY Kit equips leaders to impact their community.

The co-producers of Manufacturing Day and Edge Factor invite you take this film and use it as a tool to host a MFG DAY event that engages your local students, parents and leaders, helps you recruit your next workforce and spark a passion for manufacturing in your region.

For more information on hosting a MFG DAY event, go to www.mfgday.com and to register for the Rock MFG DAY Kit, visit www.edgefactor.com/rock-mfg-day-kit.

Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Inspires Next Generation with eduFACTOR Resources

September 9, 2016 – Cleveland, OH – Leading the Dream It. Do It. Minnesota initiative, 360 is an innovative, collaborative effort between education and industry to recruit, educate, and train workers for dynamic careers in advanced manufacturing. One of the powerful resources they use to impact their manufacturing community and inspire the next generation of makers is Edge Factor’s platform of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources called eduFACTOR.

“Edge Factor has focused on rebuilding and strengthening manufacturing education programs across North America,” said Toni Neary, Partnership Architect at Edge Factor. “By telling inspiring stories of real-life manufacturers who are using technology to change lives, and building dynamic, interactive resources based on those stories, we equip educators and business leaders with tools to inspire and reach students and parents.”

As 360 provides students with an inside look at advanced manufacturing careers and the new advanced technology, eduFACTOR resources provide the online resources to break stereotypes, highlight unique career opportunities and demonstrate how STEM comes alive in manufacturing. With their eduFACTOR membership, Dream It. Do It. Minnesota has access to Edge Factor’s feature films, TV series, career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos, turnkey event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, take-home parent resources, and much more.

“Through Dream It. Do It. we make a particular effort to inspire and build a talented pipeline of youth who understand what manufacturing is and what skills and education are needed to prepare for a career in manufacturing. eduFACTOR does a great job of showcasing stories about modern manufacturing and making it relevant to students,” said Shane Fjerstad, Director of Dream It. Do It. Minnesota. “These materials will help Dream It Do It. Minnesota, led by 360 Manufacturing Center of Excellence, inspire youth to prepare for careers in modern manufacturing.”  

To find out more about 360 and Dream It. Do It. Minnesota, visit /www.360mn.org and to discover how eduFACTOR resources can impact your community, visit www.edgefactor.com.


The Emperor’s New Clothes

New look. New tools. New inspiration.

Cleveland, OH. September 1, 2016 – With an extraordinary amount of new eduFACTOR activities and videos, Edge Factor has made it easier than ever for eduFACTOR members to discover relevant content that fits their needs. Edge Factor is inviting educators, business leaders and organizations to explore the newly designed eduFACTOR platform and discover story-driven videos and interactive activities to inspire students and reach parents.

Designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience, the new website features improved navigation and functionality, saving Favorite content, easy to launch interactive activities and Tutorial videos. New eduFACTOR members can sign up for a free 2 week trial membership at www.edufactor.org or book a custom walkthrough with the eduFACTOR Membership Support team.

The producers at Edge Factor tell cinematic, inspiring stories of real life makers who are using STEAM and technology to change lives. Based on these stories, their eduFACTOR content developers build dynamic, interactive resources to equip educators and business leaders with tools to inspire audiences and fill classrooms. As the membership-based, online platform for Edge Factor media and resources, eduFACTOR makes STEAM relevant to real life and provides students and parents with an inside look at career pathways and advanced technology.

“Our eduFACTOR Support team links arms with our members to understand the challenges their STEAM, manufacturing and CTE community is facing and relays those messages to our team of content developers,” said Toni Neary, Partnership Architect. “This means all of the content on eduFACTOR answers the specific needs of educators and industry leaders and leads us to create effective tools to deliver unmatched solutions.”

For every film and TV episode Edge Factor produces, the content creators for eduFACTOR create accompanying video and interactive resources that demonstrate how STEAM came alive in that story, feature the career pathways across many career clusters that were seen in the production, show how CTE programs and employability skills helped equip the characters for success, and so much more. The clean design, enhanced tag-based system for searching content and improved activity setup will help eduFACTOR members access the most relevant content for their purposes and needs.

The eduFACTOR platform features films, TV series, career pathway videos accompanied by interactive activities, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos with interactive activities, turnkey event kits, virtual STEAM field trips, tools to teach STEAM, take-home parent resources in multiple languages, and much more.

“Edge Factor tells the stories of real people. From the makers of musical instruments to the physician’s daughter turned fabricator to the racer who teaches machine programming… Stories like these open the eyes of students who get stuck in the “one-way fits all” approach. Sending students home with interactive resources based off these stories and being able to show how they can use STEAM and advanced technology to help people has impacted my program and helped to reach parents,” said Gene Fogle, Industrial Workforce Coordinator at DeKalb/Ogle Workforce Development Consortium.

For more information on how you can mobilize your community, please visitwww.edgefactor.com/edufactor or contact Larissa Hofman.

Extraordinary things are happening Behind Closed Doors

Extraordinary things are happening behind closed doors in manufacturing facilities across North America. X Games world champions are CNC machining prosthetics for challenged athletes and veterans. Inventors are meeting with Environmentalists to explore unique methods of sustainably harvesting wood to make guitars. Composites Managers are reimagining the lightweight materials they use to build race cars. Chemists are tweaking components in glue to find new ways of manufacturing drum kits.

The Behind Closed Doors film by Edge Factor weaves inspirational stories of women and men using advanced manufacturing technology to push back the edge of what’s possible. As innovative teams of people merge imagination with science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), lives are changed! Based on this film, Edge Factor has created an online, turnkey package of event resources for schools, companies, and organizations to host Manufacturing Day events. The Rock MFG Day Kit contains cinematic media, interactive resources, and hands-on projects to promote and host an event that will change perceptions of manufacturing, inspire students, spark conversations, reach parents and provide feedback on the success of the event.

“I used the Rock MFG DAY Kit at two different events and showed the Behind Closed Doors movie. It was a HUGE hit as people could really see what we are doing,” said Capital High School’s Welding and Machining Instructor, Jim Weber. “The movie was the best thing of all because it really showed such a diverse look at manufacturing.” This Manufacturing Day, use the Behind Closed Doors film and the Rock MFG DAY Kit resources to reveal modern technology and careers, engage and inspire your audience and demonstrate how manufacturing impacts our world.

To register for the FREE Rock MFG Day Kit, visit www.edgefactor.com/rock-mfg-day-kit. For a limited time, you can also watch the Behind Closed Doors film on the Edge Factor Theater: www.edgefactor.com/theater.


[arve url=”https://youtu.be/XhImehiPHXg”]

Watch the Making of Indy500 Cars: “Built for Speed” Film by Edge Factor

Watch the latest film on the online Edge Factor Theater for free!

The fact that a driver could walk away from a crash at over 200 miles per hour is not an accident, but an act of excellent engineering.

For the team at Dallara IndyCar Factory, their quest for excellence makes the difference between devastating loss and ultimate victory for renowned Indy race car drivers. In Built for Speed, Edge Factor tells the story of how the team of designers, fabricators and manufacturers, engineers and race car drivers work together to design, build and test Indy race cars. With champion race car driver Matthew Brabham, Jeremy Bout uncovers the only professional, high-performance driving simulator on the market.

Watch and share the Built for Speed film today at www.edgefactor.com/theater

Let us help you ROCK your MFG DAY!

As the 2016 Strategic Content Partner for Manufacturing Day, Edge Factor is equipping MFG DAY event hosts with resources to inspire audiences and enhance events.

Edge Factor produced an online, turnkey event package called the Rock MFG Day Kit for event hosts! The Kit features diverse resources that help MFG Day hosts promote their event, inspire their audience, connect with our next workforce, follow up after the event and reach out to parents.
In 2015, close to 750 companies, schools and organizations used the free Rock MFG Day Kit to captivate attendees and showcase careers and technology in manufacturing and we hope to empower even more events this year!
The Kit features media and tools such as the films Behind Closed Doors and upcoming Evolution of Manufacturing, looping videos, countdown clocks, films, customizable slideshow presentations, Q&A activities, 3D printing and CNC machining projects and take-home parent resources in English, Spanish and French.

CLICK HERE to register for your free Kit to make hosting a MFG Day event as easy as possible!


33 Lives at Stake

Edge Factor presents The Chilean Mine Rescue Film 

This month’s feature film available to watch for free online on the Edge Factor Theater is the Chilean Mine Rescue, a heart wrenching story of the team of manufacturers in Pennsylvania who pushed back the limits of what’s possible to save the lives of 33 Chilean miners.

“With 33 miners trapped 2200 feet below the earth’s surface, the manufacturing team at Center Rock Inc. worked tirelessly to lead an epic rescue mission,” said Jeremy Bout, Host/Producer of Edge Factor. “It’s an amazing example of a team who banded together and used their design and manufacturing skills to change people’s lives… not only the lives of the miners, but also the lives of their families and friends.”

Manufacturers are no strangers to problem solving, but with 33 lives at stake and the whole world watching, the responsibility placed on the CRI team was monstrous. CAD/ CAM designers, engineers and machinists worked around the clock to build a rock drill and solve this incredible manufacturing challenge.

“Human life is a completely different set of parameters… that’s why we were out there working 2 and 3 days without any sleep at all,” said Brandon Fisher, Founder of Center Rock Inc.

In the Chilean Mine Rescue film, Edge Factor reveals the makers who stopped at nothing to create the rock drill that saved 33 lives. For a limited time only, you can watch the Chilean Mine Rescue online for free: edgefactor.com/theater.