Edge Factor Live: NCATC Fall Conference at Harper College

This year, NCATC’s Fall Conference is in partnership with FMA as both groups have parallel missions: to energize individuals for the industry and support institutions that provide the training. The conference will be a unique opportunity for leaders and decision-makers in education and industry to share ideas on recruiting, motivating, training, and retaining a skilled workforce.

The NCATC / FMA 2016 Fall Conference will be hosted by Harper College in Palatine, Ill. Inspiring speakers and informative tours will showcase the broad range of programs that Harper offers, including Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing Technology, and Health Sciences. Highlights include an opening keynote from Dr. Kenneth Ender, president of Harper College, a keynote and multimedia presentation from Jeremy Bout, host and executive producer of Edge Factor, and your choice of enlightening industry tours.

This jam-packed conference offers a wide mix of presentations, roundtable discussions, college and industry tours, and well as various networking opportunities. Programs will be held at both Harper College and the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Ill. Attending this conference will allow you to compare challenges, gain new insights, and find solutions for your training needs.

J. Craig McAtee
ph: 400.318.1558

Visit Edge Factor at IMTS 2016

Edge Factor is partnering with Modern Machine Shop and Haas Automation at IMTS 2016!

We invite you to visit our area in Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops booth #W-10 to connect with us and see the custom designed Edge Factor drum kit by DW Drums, with never-before-seen clips from our upcoming film Masters of Resonance! Featuring Neil Peart from Rush, John Good, Founder of DW Drums, Bob Taylor the Founder of Taylor Guitars and a long list of other world famous makers and musicians. Sitting beside the drum kit will be an original NASA part, as seen in Edge Factor’s upcoming film Reach Beyond. One teacher breaks the barriers of school walls to provide his students with the manufacturing opportunity of a lifetime. Partnering with NASA, students build and inspect, assemble and quality check a locker for NASA’s very own International Space Station.

In the Student Summit, our eduFACTOR booth in Haas Automation’s NC-612 booth has all the info you need to discover how you can be equipped with story-driven resources to mobilize your manufacturing community.

It’s a show you won’t want to miss! Connect in-person with Jeremy Bout the Producer/Host, Larissa Hofman the Dir. of Communications or Toni Neary the Partnership Architect. Email us for more info at lhofman@edgefactor.com.

Having the Right Tools for the Job

On Wednesday July 20, Jeremy Bout the Producer and Host of Edge Factor and eduFACTOR keynoted the National Haas Technical Education Center Network’s Conference.

With 1800+ schools, colleges and universities that use Haas CNC machines, the HTEC network is a collaborative industry and education led initiative that spans across North America. This is an audience of educators who knows that having the right tools for the job makes all difference with the latest CNC machine tools and equipment, software and educational materials. But having the right technology in classrooms is only beneficial if there are students learning and using it! That’s where Edge Factor and eduFACTOR come in. With media and interactive resources on eduFACTOR.org, Edge Factor recruits students into manufacturing programs, makes STEM applicable to real life, reaches parents and inspires audiences to see manufacturing technology and careers in a new light.

“The most important thing Edge Factor can do is to build tools that will be used by both Manufacturing AND general education… and speak to people that do not care about chips and coolant, in ways that they will listen,” said Bout in his Keynote presentation.

The high impact videos and resources on eduFACTOR reach far beyond manufacturing choir. It’s time to stop preaching “manufacturing is awesome” to the people who are already drinking that Kool-Aid. By entering STEM, arts, music and CTE programs*, eduFACTOR tools showcase manufacturing technology and careers in classrooms that would normally never be exposed to manufacturing.

Focusing on having the right tools for the job, Jeremy Bout’s keynote was met with much applause and sign-ups for eduFACTOR memberships. To learn more about eduFACTOR, contact Toni Neary at tneary@edgefactor.com

*STEM: science, technology, engineering and math. CTE: Career and Technical Education.
Written by
Larissa Hofman
Dir. of Communications, Edge Factor

Edge Factor’s “Behind Closed Doors” Film Inspires Students at FABTECH Canada 2016

Toronto, ON. March 30, 2016 – FABTECH Canada hosts Canada’s largest exclusive Fabricating, Welding, Metal Forming and Finishing Event every two years. This event provides an opportunity to see the latest industry products and developments, find the tools to improve productivity, and discover new solutions to all metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs. FABTECH Canada encourages face-to-face engagement with companies, people, technologies, industries and equipment and brings in hundreds of students to introduce them to the world of manufacturing.

“Every time business leaders and companies discuss the latest trends and news in manufacturing, the challenge of workforce development and the need to fill the skills gap inevitably comes up,” said Larissa Hofman, Dir. of Communications at Edge Factor. “The team at FABTECH Canada reached out to us and said they were inviting students to the event and wanted to inspire them to become manufacturers. So right away, the Edge Factor team was excited to get involved and help in any way we could.”

This year FABTECH Canada played the inspirational and cinematic film “Behind Closed Doors” by Edge Factor. This film features real life stories and the incredible career opportunities within the world of manufacturing, as innovative teams of people work together with cutting edge technology to create life changing products. Weaving inspirational stories of game changers, world famous musicians, X Games champions and more, this production highlights the major areas in the manufacturing industry of men and women who are using their expertise to impact the world as they push back the edge of what is possible. This film is now available for free to use at events as part of the turnkey Rock MFG Day Kit resources produced by Edge Factor. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

At FABTECH Canada, students were also introduced to Tyler Migri, a past student from Georgian College who went on to represent Canada as the CNC milling champion at World Skills in Brazil.

“It was gratifying to watch the keen interest of the students who were fully engaged and encouraged to ask questions regarding pursing manufacturing as a career,” said Janine Saperson, FABTECH Canada Event Manager.

The event was a great success and we trust that the inspiration students experienced will lead them to consider careers in manufacturing. For more information on FABTECH Canada, visit fabtechcanada.com.

Edge Factor Keynotes the First HTEC Florida Educators Conference

Suncoast Technical College just hosted the first ever Florida CNC Educators Training Conference! Jeremy Bout, Producer/Host of Edge Factor keynoted the educator’s event with high impact media an inspiring message, and held a breakout session that featured an overview of Edge Factor’s media and resources library, called eduFACTOR.

There was great attendance from educators, technology partners and industry leaders, and thought provoking presentations from Mastercam, Verisurf, Autodesk, Sandvik Coromant, Florida Dept of Education, NIMS, ToolingU-SME and many others.

“”It was a great event and I was excited to be invited to be part of it,” said Jeremy Bout. “I get to tour a lot of educational facilities around North America, but I have to say that what they have going on at Suncoast Technical College is really awesome.” Suncoast Technical College’s Precision Machining & CNC Automation Program  is a great example of a Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) program that is equipping the next generation with real life technical training and experience.

“I spoke with many of the conference attendees during the day who were very impressed with the program and facility that Todd Bowden and his team have assembled and the impact they are obviously having in preparing CNC machinists for Suncoast employers,” said Bob Skodzinsky, Manager of the HTEC Network.

“We look forward to this becoming an annual Florida event, hosted by other Florida HTECs, much like we are doing in many other states and regions around North America,” said Ed Doherty, Precision Machining Instructor at Suncoast Technical College.

Training men and women with engineering and manufacturing skills that are up to industry standards, the educators at Suncoast are passionate about inspiring and teaching the next leaders in advanced manufacturing. Suncoast Technical College is using eduFACTOR to tell real life stories of manufacturers using technology to change lives and push back the edge of what’s possible. Edge Factor is excited to partner with the educators at Suncoast as their program expands and flourishes!

Special thank you to the Haas Factory Outlet-Florida for their sponsorship and Ed Doherty for coordinating the event.

Suncoast Technical College hosts 1st Florida CNC Educators Conference

Sarasota, FL – Suncoast Technical College hosted the first Florida CNC Educators Training Conference on March 9, 2016. Over 70 educators, technology partners and industry leaders attended the day-long event.

The event was sponsored by Haas Factory Outlet- Florida, based in Tampa and Haas Automation, Inc.

Jeremy Bout, producer of Edge Factor and EDU Factor, educational media, was the conference keynote and opening speaker.

Breakout presentations were put on by Tooling U, Cam Instructor, MasterCam Educational, Immerse2learn, Verisurf, NCSimul Machine, Highland DNC, Autodesk Inventor HSM, Sandvik, Florida Dept of Education, EDU Factor, Southwestern TrakMill, NIMS and more.

Written by:

Edward Doherty
Suncoast Technical College
ph: (941) 924-1365

HTEC California Event: Quote by Toni Neary

With record breaking attendance, it was so great to talk with the HTEC educators that are inspiring our next generation of makers. California has so much going on right now in manufacturing education from robotics to rebuilding hotrods, we are just glad to work with all of these amazing teachers and industry advocates!
Toni Neary
Partnership Architect, Edge Factor

Edge Factor Live: 2016 HTEC California

Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect, Toni Neary will be opening the 6th Annual Southern California Regional Technical Educators Conference this week at Orange Coast College! Co-sponsored by HFO-Anaheim & HFO-Torrance, this HTEC event is focused on educators sharing and learning about the latest tools and trends in Haas education and partnerships. With high impact media and exciting news on Edge Factor’s platform for cinematic media and resources called eduFACTOR, Toni’s presentation will kickoff the event with an inspiring message and practical insights on how HTEC educators can inspire the next generation of makers.

“We are so excited to highlight the interactive and engaging resources we have produced that open the eyes of students to explore the diverse careers available in manufacturing,” said Toni Neary.

Partnering with the Gene Haas Foundation and NIMS to equip the HTEC network with eduFACTOR resources to inspire and train the next skilled workforce, Edge Factor has launched the INSPIRE Grant to discount the cost of eduFACTOR memberships. HTEC schools and training centers can apply today for funds to access Edge Factor’s media and teaching tools on: grant.edufactor.org. For this event, Toni Neary will be focusing on equipping HTEC educators with eduFACTOR tools and resources to inspire and teach their students, available through the INSPIRE Grant.

Media Contact: Larissa Hofman
(716) 805-3343 ex 3

Edge Factor’s Impact in North Carolina: Quote by Kara Brown

I could not have been happier with the Spark Session for Lincoln County families! I believe the parents and students who left the presentation after hearing Jeremy Bout speak, had a lot to think about and process; which is exactly the point of the event. Its purpose was to create a thought or an idea of a future for our students that hadn’t necessarily been considered yet. More importantly the awareness of unlimited possibilities, I hope, gave parents and student’s optimism for what is yet to come in the world of manufacturing.

Kara Brown
Lincoln Economic Development Association, Business Manager

Educators Workshop: University of Akron

Ohio educators who are passionate about CTE and boosting manufacturing across their state gathered at the University of Akron on August 12-13. Edge Factor’s Director of Communications, Larissa Hofman presented a high impact media presentation that focused on how educators can inspire their students with eduFACTOR media and resources.